〒111-0035 東京都台東区西浅草2-16-9
Lunch:11:30~15:00(14:30 L.O)
Dinner:17:00~20:30(20:00 L.O)

※通常時 21:00 L.O(22:30完全閉店)
※通常時 火曜日定休


雷門近くにある『地鶏とおでん 雷門き介』さんで初ランチ

First lunch at “Jidori and Oden Kisuke’s” near Kaminarimon

KISUKE Kaisen-don
KISUKE Kaisen-don

Hello there! This is Wazn, a hamburger and steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.

I’m home for the holidays due to a declared state of emergency. Although, I went out on business. It was just lunchtime on the way back.

My wife, who had gone to her parents’ house on an errand, also said she was going back to her house, so I visited “Jidori and Oden Kisuke” near Kaminarimon for the first time.

My visit time was around 13:30, and since it was my first time and I didn’t know when they were open for lunch, I ordered immediately.

The wife ordered “Deep-fried chicken and eggplant”. I ordered the limited menu “Kisuke Kaisen Don”. Since I ordered fish, the waiter gave me a menu of drinks and I added some sake.

I ordered a bottle of Harushika, a sake from Nara Prefecture. Fish and sake are a great match, aren’t they? Sake is very tasty with seafood.

Thank you very much for the meal. When I get settled in, I’ll come back another day for dinner with oden and sake.

Well, today we are open from 11:30am. I’m going through a lot of difficult times, but I really hope that it will all come together soon.

“Today’s energy, tomorrow’s energy with Wazn’s meat!”
Wazn, a hamburger and steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.