〒111-0035 東京都台東区西浅草2-16-9
Lunch:11:30~15:00(14:30 L.O)
Dinner:17:00~20:30(20:00 L.O)

※通常時 21:00 L.O(22:30完全閉店)
※通常時 火曜日定休




こんにちは! 浅草の冒険するハンバーグ&ステーキカレーのお店『Wazn(わずん)』です。









浅草ハンバーグ&ステーキカレーのお店『Wazn(わずん)』 店主

When you have all the garnish, the drinks go well!

Hello there! This is Wazn, a hamburger and steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.

On the way home one day a long time ago. As usual, “What do you want to eat?” and discussion. We moved from Asakusa to Asakusabashi on Edo-dori to go somewhere different for once in a while. We had dinner at an izakaya called “Okuman” which we found on the way. I was attracted by the “Fish” sign out front, so I decided on it immediately.

We toasted with a beer soon after entering the restaurant. It’s a good time to go home from work. I ordered a bunch of snacks in order to eat quickly and go home.

I ordered a variety of things, but my wife seemed to like the “Dashimaki Tamago”. It was gone in a blink of an eye.

When the garnish is ready, the drinks go well. I got drunk early, but “I came in because I was attracted to the fish, so I had to ask!” and additional sashimi.

I wanted to drink sake, but I had to work the next day, so I cried and gave up. We ordered Ochazuke for the last time. For some reason, I tend to have Ochazuke as a closing dish. It’s easy to eat because it goes in smoothly.

Thank you very much for the meal. After settling in, we will visit again for sake and sashimi.

Well, today we are open from 11:30am. I’m going through a lot of difficult times, but I really hope that it will all come together soon.

Please note that we are closed at 20:00 due to a declared state of emergency.

“Today’s energy, tomorrow’s energy with Wazn’s meat!”
Wazn, a hamburger & steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.