〒111-0035 東京都台東区西浅草2-16-9
Lunch:11:30~15:00(14:30 L.O)
Dinner:17:00~20:00(19:30 L.O)
※通常 21:00 L.O(22:30完全閉店)



【Pork is a good way to recover from fatigue】

Asari Pork's Ginger Rice Bowl
Asari Pork’s Ginger Rice Bowl

Hello there! This is Wazn, a hamburger and steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.

I can’t go anywhere these days, so I’m doing paperwork. By the time I noticed, it was lunchtime. There is no food in the fridge at all. I called my wife, who was going to my parents’ house on an errand, “I’m in trouble.

I visited “Asari1-1-1” for the first time because I heard that a shop near my parents’ house was open.

The location is near the Komagata 1-chome signal along Asakusa Dori. The store is on a corner lot, so it’s easy to understand. The exterior is stylish, but the interior is also simple and nice.

It’s a holiday, so I was thinking, “What should I do?” while enjoying my lunch beer. Beer that the majority of people in the world drink while they work. This sense of evils makes the beer even more delicious. lol

I ordered the “Asari Pork’s Ginger Rice Bowl” because it was a pork dish to help me recover from fatigue. The wife chose ‘Roasted Sangenton Pork -Salted leek sauce’.

Before I knew it, we both chose the meat. Is it because we’re a similar couple? I realized after the food arrived that “there was a fish set meal too…

Thanks for the food. When I’m settled in, I’ll come back for a drink and a bite to eat.

Well, today we are open from 11:30am. I’m going through a lot of difficult times, but I really hope that it will all come together soon.

“Today’s energy, tomorrow’s energy with Wazn’s meat!”
Wazn, a hamburger and steak and curry restaurant in Asakusa.